Green Policy

Best Practices Agency stays lean, green and paperless!


20 Tips to Fulfill Our Responsibility to Preserve Resources

Recycling and reducing waste must be a part of a business culture to be successful. Your plan must be written and communicated, and simple to follow in order to be successful. This effort will not necessarily save a business money initially, and may even cost a bit more money than not recycling. The reason we do it is because it is the right thing to do, not to generate profit.

Reduce Paper Usage in Operations

1.    Reduce paper in operations by scanning and shredding paper. Our incoming mail is scanned each day and stored electronically, which also allows us to distribute mail electronically to other offices and people working off-site.  This reduces storage costs and provides back up security in the event of a disaster.

2.    Communicate to customers and vendors when ever possible by email and electronic newsletters. We encourage our customers to receive their policies by email instead of paper.

3.    Always avoid printing paper if possible. Buy equipment such as fax servers that allows you to avoid printing documents. Our faxes come in to our office as an electronic file, allowing us to review it, attach it, transfer it or delete it all without printing it.

4.    Allow electronic payments by your customers. This capability is on our web site.

Reduce Utility Usage

5.    Change every light bulb to LED.

6.    Use native plants such as dune grasses for exterior landscaping to reduce water usage.

7.    Use filtered water for employees instead of bottled water in plastic containers.

8.    Use low flush toilets.

9.    Turn off monitors, cubical lights and certain equipment at night.

10.   Install timers on HVAC.

11.   Install electric hand dryers.

12.   Consider rooftop solarcells.

Avoid Waste Disposal

13.   We eliminated styrofoam cups by giving every employee a mug with their name on it. Customers are offered coffee in a company branded mug.

14.   Donate used furniture and equipment such as computers to non-profits and employees.

15.   Sell higher value equipment and other items on EBay.

16.   Save all junk mail in a separate bin. When staff has extra time, have them call each vendor to remove your name from their mailing list. This will reduce weight of in-coming mail, reduce time to sort mail, reduce employee time to review mail, and reduce trash waste.

Smart Waste Disposal

17.   Shred office paper for recycling

18.   Use clear bags for paper waste so it is not taken away by the wrong truck.

19.   Recycle bottles and cans.

20.   Recycle catalogs in special bags or remove your name from mailing list.